Band Night at Harlington Upper

On Monday night i had the privilege of being at Harlington upper school to run a concert involving all of the students who come to Harlington jams on a Friday night after school. 

It was an unbelievably successful evening that showcased some immense talent from a wonderful bunch of teenagers who are so gifted musically. We had a wide array of genres from, rock to acoustic, blues, instrumental, Metal, we had covers, we had originals, you name it we had it! 

A truly unbelievable evening which i am so proud to say that i am a part of. Harlington jams is one of my favorite parts of my working week and it is certainly something i would like to be doing in a lot more schools across the uk. Jams gives the kids the wonderful opportunity to express their selves musically, to socialize and to perform the music that is closest to their hearts.It doesnt really get better than that now does it!

I think that lots more schools and many many more youngsters could really benefit from the opportunity that the guys at Harlington are so lucky to have and id certainly like to make this opportunity more readily available to as many people as i can reach. So spread the word and hopefully we can get many more young people involved with and performing real music!

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