High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2

The High Intensity Guitar Technique series is the ultimate guide for guitarists who want to reach professional levels of skill. High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 is the second book in the series and will take you from intermediate to professional playing ability. 

What you will Learn

High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 teaches you a plethora of ways to improve your guitar playing, including:

  • Advanced pentatonic and modal Legato techniques.
  • Advanced string crossing and picking mechanics to enhance the Alternate Picking technique.
  • Scale sequencing.
  • Neo-Classical and Fusion style triads executed with Sweep Picking.
  • The use of Tapping to extend the Legato technique.
  • Adding a professional sheen to your tone with advanced String Bending and Vibrato exercises.
  • A comprehensive approach to developing speed.
  • Licks and musical phrases so you can implement the techniques learned.
  • Enhanced fretboard knowledge concepts, including advanced scale fingerings notated in fretboard diagrams for transposing the exercises to other critical areas of the guitar neck.

Over One Hundred Notated Examples

High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 contains well over 100 examples, notated in both standard music notation and tablature. The author explains how to practice them in different keys, scales and arpeggios to keep you practising and improving for hours.

Downloadable Audio

To support the examples in the book, High Intensity Guitar Technique 2 comes with a free audio download so that you can hear exactly how to execute the notated exercises. 

Backing Tracks

Being able to implement the techniques you will master by studying from High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 is vital for your music and your enjoyment. The book comes with seven additional free backing tracks in genres as varying as Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz and Fusion. Executing your new technique over these tracks will allow you to be creative and to put in to practice the new skills you have learned. 

Ready To Take Your Playing To The Next Level? 

Are you ready to become a pedal to the metal pro guitarist? If you want to improve your playing radically, and progress from intermediate to pro, then pick up your copy of High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 on amazon by clicking here. If you still need to master the basics, check out High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 1.