What makes the advancing guitarists courses so good? Volume 2

The Advancing Guitarists Online Courses - Volume 2

The Advancing Guitarists Online Courses are an exciting new way to study the guitar, presented to you by Anthony George of Cutting Edge Guitar. The course is broken down into three volumes of learning that will keep you engaged, progressing, and enjoying your guitar playing. Each volume has been specifically designed to equip you with the course's core concepts in a logical, methodical manner. Let's take a look at exactly what you will learn in volume 2.

Volume 2 – Module 1 - Implementation

In volume 2 of the course, we will build on the fretboard knowledge and technique studied in volume 1 and learn how to implement those devices with Anthony's powerful soloing concept, The Scale Pyramid. We will then implement these over some solo studies. Here is a breakdown of module 1:

  • Introducing The Scale Pyramid – The scale pyramid is a revolutionary way of breaking down scales. You start with a seven-note "base" scale, and then at each tier of the pyramid, you will learn how to extract 6-note, 5-note, 4-note, 3-note, and 2-note soloing options. In the subsequent lessons, we apply this methodology to each mode, and then learn licks for each "tier" of the pyramid.
  • Modal soloing - Ionian
  • Ionian licks
  • Modal soloing - Dorian
  • Dorian licks
  • Modal soloing - Phrygian
  • Phrygian licks
  • Modal soloing - Lydian
  • Lydian licks
  • Modal soloing - Mixolydian
  • Mixolydian licks
  • Modal soloing - Aeolian
  • Aeolian licks
  • Modal soloing - Locrian
  • Locrian licks

In the next few lessons, we study further the implementation phase with some modal solos.

  • Modal vamp solo one - Dorian solo study on a Dorian funk track
  • Modal vamp solo 2 - A Phrygian solo study on a Latin fusion groove
  • Playing over blues changes with the Mixolydian mode
  • Blues changes solo study

Volume 2 - Module 2 – Playing Over Changes

In module two, we study how to play over jazz and fusion style chord changes by introducing new harmonies, such as the melodic minor scale, harmonic minor scale, and symmetrical scales. Here's a breakdown of what's involved.

  • Continuous scale exercise – Continuos scale exercise is a way you can practice playing over changes by moving from one scale to the next as chords go by.
  • Soloing on chord changes. Arpeggiator revisited.
  • Try arpeggiator with scales, and arpeggios, using sequences and hitting target tones!
  • Rock fusion solo study
  • Solo study over fusion style track
  • Melodic minor scale -we will learn the formula, the harmonisation and the shapes all over the neck.
  • Minmaj7 chords and arpeggios
  • Melodic minor scale modes
  • Harmonic minor scale – We will learn the formula, the harmonisation and the shapes all over the neck.
  • Diminished seventh chord and arpeggio
  • Harmonic minor modes
  • Symmetrical scales - Diminished, augmented and whole-tone scales. Learn the formulations, harmonisations and shapes all over the neck.
  • Octave style fretboard visualisation
  • Altered dominant chords
  • Soloing on altered dominant pt 1 - Locrian mode; discuss locrian devices and show some licks/solo.
  • Soloing on altered dominant pt 2 - Super locrian mode; devices, licks and solos.
  • Soloing on altered dominant pt 3 - Phrygian dominant; as previous
  • Soloing on altered dominant pt 4 - Diminished 1/2 whole scale; as previous
  • Half Diminished chord soloing
  • Diminished chord soloing

At the end of volume 2, you will be implementing the techniques and fretboard knowledge concepts from volume 1 with ease! you will also have a new knowledge of some seriously cool guitar playing devices, and will be well set for some really advanced concepts in volume 3! 

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