My guitar choice


Mexican Fender Stratocaster

This is a 2008 Fender Stratocaster made in Mexico. The Mexican Fender models are much cheaper than their American-made counterparts, but are still instruments of good quality and can be extremely good buys. I bought mine whilst studying at The Guitar Institute, as my guitars at the time were mainly Ibanezs and I needed some more versatility. This guitar has proved to be an extremely good purchase. It's extremely versatile, has a really good neck and some great Strat tones. I use it mainly for teaching now, but over the years have used it in many differing live situations. It’s a bit of a work horse guitar. I have it set up with Ernie Ball 9s and with a low action.



Ibanez Rg550

This guitar belonged to my first guitar teacher, and was the first instrument I'd ever seen that was from the hard rock genre. I instantly fell in love with this instrument and decided that one day I would own it. This guitar has been gigged, taught many lessons with me, and has also been used in the studio for most of my hard rock style recordings. I also own several other Ibanez Rg Series guitars and I also own a Paul Gilbert Signature Model, I have all of my Ibanez guitars set up on Ernie Ball 9s with a very low action.



Suhr Pro series M8

This is my main guitar of choice for live and studio work. It's an extremely versatile guitar which is as beautiful to play as it is to look at it. It has a basswood body with a maple cap, and an all maple neck. This wood combination is extremely versatile for all styles as it gives you a little bit of every EQ. Couple that with the 5-way super switch which gives you three humbucking and two single coil options, and a very versatile range of volume of tone control, you can play literally every style with this guitar. It also has stainless steel frets which last far longer than standard frets and also make string bending a far nicer experience. These elements make it the perfect guitar for live and studio work. I have it set up on Rotosound 10s and with the action that the guitar came with, as it is set with the plek fret laser setting system for optimum playability.



Faith Acoustic

My acoustic guitar is a Faith Saturn made by Luthier Patrick James Eggle. It’s a beautifully constructed guitar and has a wonderful resonant sound. I use it mainly when working with singers to accompany a solo voice, and obviously for teaching acoustic guitar players. I use it live and in the studio and it serves me well in both areas. I have it strung with light gauge Ernie Ball acoustic strings for general playing, but use heavier strings when using altered tunings such as DADGAD.