Lessons for adults

As an adult coming in for a guitar lesson, you are probably in one of several camps.

You are either a professional musician who needs particular help with specific techniques or musical devices or a semi-pro performing player who wants to improve on certain aspects of your music. You could be someone who plays for fun and wants to nail that particular guitar solo or finger-picked chord pattern or, you could be a beginner that has wanted to play the guitar their whole life but never got round to it.

Well, whatever camp you’re in, now is the time to start your lessons!

I have spent countless hours working with individuals from all aspects of the adult learning fraternity, and this is a particular area of teaching that I enjoy. There is no greater thing than helping somebody to achieve their musical goals with the guitar, and with me, that is precisely what you will do if you are willing to put the work in.

For adult students, I offer two different methods of learning. You can have traditional one to one tuition, or you can join The Advanced Guitar Academy, a revolutionary new course designed to bring college-style education to intermediate guitarists of Northamptonshire at a very affordable and accessible level. To find out more about The Advanced Guitar Academy, click here. If you want to start one to one lessons, get in touch.