Lessons for children

When a child takes their first steps with the guitar, it is of the utmost importance that they are inspired to keep playing, and not just chuck in the towel at the first hurdle.

I have created a programme of lessons for children that I have tried and tested with many of my young students, and find it to be very successful in inspiring the youngsters to keep playing. Mainly as my programme is centered around playing exciting music and not just doing boring exercises.

From day one, children will learn all the essential things they need to know on the guitar. Like how to sit correctly, the parts of the instrument, where the notes live on the neck, proper technique and much, much more. This is all in line with the RGT, Rock school and Trinity Guildhall grade syllabuses. So, if it is the parents' wish, my students can take any of the exams, or if they just want to play for fun, that is also an option.

Basically, my children's beginner programme is aimed at giving youngsters the most fun and exciting experience they can with this wonderful instrument, whilst at the same time learning the maximum amount of essential skills to allow them to become successful guitarists.