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Based on Anthony's coveted Advanced Guitar Academy material, cutting edge online guitar courses will soon be available for the advancing guitarist. 


Are you trawling the internet night after night for answers to your guitar playing problems?

Are you scratching your head wondering why the fretboard is such a mystery?

Are you struggling to play your ideas with the speed, fluidity and command that you want to?

Do your idols sound cool, tasty and interesting, but when you play it's just not the same?

Are you fed up, bogged down, stuck in a rut, and wish there was a structured approach that had all of the answers laid out for you?

If these problems sound familiar, and you want the answers, then have faith, they are coming! 

The advancing guitarist's courses are aimed at intermediate/advanced players who are stuck in these guitar playing traps. No matter what genre you favour, these courses are going to take your playing from mediocre, to magnificent. There are going to be four volumes that will be phenomenally in-depth, but here's the basic overview of the three key areas that they will cover:

  • Fretboard Knowledge - On these courses, you will learn your guitar neck inside out. There will be no more worrying about not knowing enough scales, chords, arpeggios and other harmonic devices. At long last, you will learn some powerful systems that will make this transparent.

  • Technique - Whether you play cool blues or molten metal, having a great technique is what sets the best apart from the rest. The technique modules on the advancing guitarist courses will turn you into a monster player, whether you want to play blues, rock, jazz, fusion, metal or any other contemporary style. 
  • Implementation - You will learn licks and solos, but most importantly, how to improvise convincingly, with style and confidence. Once you know your fretboard inside out and have great technique, you can play anything. During the implementation phase, you will learn how to utilise a powerful soloing concept that Anthony calls the scale pyramid. The scale pyramid allows you to start with a seven-note base scale, that you can then extract six-note, five-note, four-note, three-note and two-note soloing options, when combined with phrasing and musicality, the scale pyramid provides you with an almost limitless array of soloing options.

Learn More

This all sounds exciting, but there is way more to learn about these revolutionary guitar courses. To find out exactly what you will learn on the advancing guitarist's course, you can receive a PDF copy of the full course prospectus straight to your inbox!  

Free Copy Of High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 1

The Advancing Guitarists Courses are set to launch in 2021, but you can start learning right away. When you download the course prospectus, you will also receive a free digital copy of Anthony's first book from the popular High-Intensity Guitar Technique series. This is a full-on 117-page instructional guitar book that teaches you the foundations of proper technique. It is vital you know what's covered in the book to start the course, and we will also refer back to some of the material during course volume one!