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What Is The Advancing Guitarists Online Course?


Based on Anthony's coveted Advanced Guitar Academy material, The Advancing Guitarist's Online course is a three-volume targeted approach to complete guitar mastery. 


Are you trawling the internet night after night for answers to your guitar playing problems?

Are you scratching your head wondering why the fretboard is such a mystery?

Are you struggling to play your ideas with the speed, fluidity and command that you want to?

Do your idols sound cool, tasty and interesting, but when you play it's just not the same?

Are you fed up, bogged down, stuck in a rut, and wish there was a structured approach that had all of the answers laid out for you?

If these problems sound familiar, and you want the answers, then The Advancing Guitarist's Online Course provides them by teaching you how to...  


  • Learn your fretboard inside out

  • Perfect your technique

  • Solo fluently with modes of the major, melodic and harmonic minor scales

  • Play over chord changes

  • Play advanced blues, rock and jazz-fusion styles

  • Learn extended chord voicing

  • ...And a whole lot more

"The best money I've spent on guitar tuition. I've spent a lot over the years just to have me looking for more answers. If anyone is looking to truly improve their mastery of the guitar then look no further, this is it!" Paulie Pirozzi - USA

The Advancing Guitarists Online Course: Volume 2

Volume 2 of The Advancing Guitarist's Online Course shows you how to implement the skills from volume 1 by using a powerful soloing tool that Anthony George calls the scale pyramid. In volume 2 we will also expand our fretboard knowledge by learning melodic and harmonic minor harmony.