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Advanced Online Guitar Tuition For Rock, Blues and Jazz!

Anthony George is a professional guitarist, musician and teacher with over 15 years experience teaching one-to-one private lessons, in academic institutions and authoring three guitar tutor books. Anthony has now made his advanced guitar programs for Rock, Blues and Jazz-Fusion available to the online guitar community with lessons via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom.

Why study advanced guitar programs with Anthony online?


Structured learning - All of Anthony's tuition courses feature a systematic structure, designed to give you results in every lesson. Whether you choose to study Anthony's Rock, Blues or Jazz program, you will explore an expertly written course that has been designed to equip you with the fretboard knowledge, technique and musicality you need to accomplish your goals. With so many books, DVDs, magazines and online tutorials available, it's difficult to know where to start. Anthony delivers structured learning so that you see progression and results from lesson to lesson.

Personalised Programs - Taking a lesson in a one-to-one online format means that Anthony can tailor his advanced programs to your specific needs. 

Quality support -  In today's world, it's never been easier to find a guitar tab or a how-to video, but the main problem these resources have is that you can't ask them a question. Being supported by Anthony's first-class tutelage guarantees that you get results, and he can make sure you learn things the correct way right from the off, this way you get maximum pleasure from your chosen instrument. 

Top class resources - Anthony uses first-class resources alongside his online demonstration to teach you to master your chosen style. These resources include expertly written fretboard diagrams, transcriptions in standard notation and guitar tab, all written as high-quality PDF files that will be sent to you before the lesson so that you can study along with Anthony. You will also have plenty of top quality material to practice from in between the sessions. 

Advanced Rock, Blues and Jazz-Fusion Guitar Programs


Anthony's advanced guitar programs have been designed to fulfil the needs of the modern guitarist, no matter what genre you prefer. Mastering modern guitar requires an innate knowledge of the fretboard in connection to in-depth theoretical knowledge, and the technique necessary for executing anything you wish to play. With Anthony's expert guidance, you will master your style by studying techniques such as: 

  • Legato (hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides) – Legato is a broad musical term that means something should be played smoothly. For guitar players, this means using a mixture of hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides to get an effect that Joe Satriani describes as sounding like liquid mercury.
  • Alternate Picking – Alternating the direction your pick moves in allows you to play faster than using one type of stroke. Alternate picking also helps your playing stay in time.
  • String Bending and Vibrato – Bending strings and adding vibrato to your notes is vital for adding a professional polish to your playing.
  • Sweep/Economy Picking – Sweeping provides us with an ultra-efficient way of playing arpeggios, and economy picking does the same for scalar passages.
  • Tapping – Tapping allows us to extend the range of our legato playing by using fingers from the picking hand to execute notes.
  • String Skipping – Playing through scales sequentially can sometimes sound a bit predictable, string skipping cures this by reordering the notes.

These techniques are useless if you don't know your fretboard, so Anthony will show you how to learn your fretboard inside out by covering:

  • The CAGED System - So called as it is fundamentally based on the shapes of an open C, A, G, E and D chord. The CAGED system is a powerful tool for learning interval relationships, chords, scales and arpeggios all over the neck. It is an advantageous way for navigating chord changes when soloing or playing rhythm.
  • The Arpeggiator system - Teaches you how to find different keys in one fretboard area for chords, scales and arpeggios.
  • The Three Notes Per String System – This system lays out scale patterns with three notes played on every string in one position. It's a handy system for playing technical passages. Commonly associated with scalar playing, you can also incorporate arpeggios and triads with three notes per string.
  • The Four Notes Per String System – By connecting three notes per string areas, you can also get four notes per string patterns. Used by players like Allan Holdsworth, this system is excellent for extending the fretboard.
  • Octave Displacement or Scale Chunking – This system provides a great way to cover lots of ground on the neck very quickly.
  • Linear Playing (along the length of strings) – Playing along the length of a single string is a great way to visualise intervallic relationships and also gives runs a very violin-like quality.
  • Positional Playing – Positional playing is all about being able to hit lots of different musical devices, such as intervals, triads, pentatonics, arpeggios, scales and playing changes without having to move up and down the fretboard.
  • Combination Playing – Combination playing is ultimate fretboard freedom, being able to play all over the whole neck, and combining all of the other systems so you can go wherever you want and play anything.
  • Triads - Open and close voiced triads.
  • Pentatonic and Blues scales - Five positions relative to CAGED, and how to connect them, so you know the scales, full fretboard.
  • Chords and Arpeggios - Major, Minor, Major 7, Altered Major 7, Dominant 7, Altered Dominant, Minor 7, Minor 7 flat 5 and Diminished 7 chords and arpeggios relative to CAGED and the seven-position system and how to hit key changes with them.
  • Modes - The modes of the major scale, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales aligned with CAGED and three notes per string systems.
  • Symmetrical scales - Complete study of half/whole, and whole/half diminished and Whole Tone scales.
  • Intervallic studies - including 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and 6ths.

The final piece of the puzzle is understanding the theory that allows you to implement these techniques and fretboard devices with conviction in your chosen style. Theory subjects studied include:

  • Interval mapping scales
  • Harmonising scales
  • Creating triad formulae
  • Seventh chords and arpeggio formulae
  • Extension tones
  • Modes of the Major scale
  • Modes of Melodic Minor
  • Modes of Harmonic Minor
  • Diminished scales
  • Whole Tone scale
  • Exotic scales

What makes Anthony a top-class teacher?


Anthony is a graduate of London's prestigious Guitar Institute (now part of ICMP, The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance) which was the first college of its kind in the UK, teaching conservatoire levels of musicianship to musicians from contemporary genres. During Anthony's time at The Guitar Insitute, he was taught by

  • Martin Goulding - Head of the Jamtrack Central online guitar degree and one of the UK's foremost modern rock specialists. 
  • Charlie Griffiths - Lead guitarist for prog-rock outfit Haken, who has written material for the Rockschool (RSL) grade syllabus and guitar techniques magazine. 
  • Dario Cortese - Session ace who is a virtuoso in all styles and has played with acts as diverse as Melanie C, Brent Mason, Larry Carlton and Brett Garsed. 
  • Gianluca Corona - Top Jazz and blues guitarist who was personally recommended to the guitar institute by jazz giant Al Di meola.
  • Jay Stapley - Another top session musician who has played with Roger Waters and the late Michael Kamen. Some of Anthony's recordings of Get you back by Shawn Lane and Altitudes by Jason Becker were recorded at Jay's studio in London. 

Having been taught by these world-class musicians, Anthony has studied at the highest level to become a top pro player himself and has learned first hand the art of how to teach to get results. During Anthony's highly experienced playing and performing career he has played in venues all over the UK in acts playing pop, rock, jazz, blues, fusion and theatre shows, which has given him a wealth of knowledge of all contemporary styles allowing him to teach virtually any student in any style. During Anthony's illustrious teaching career, his training from academic institutions means he is equipped with a plethora of first-class teaching methods that are guaranteed to get you results. 

What do Anthony's students think of his teaching? 


"Having played the guitar for nearly 30 years, like a lot of self-taught players I found myself in a rut, re-using the same "safe and comfortable" phrases and patterns. I had bought the books, downloaded the videos, read the magazines but still felt something was missing from my playing. Having played for so long, taking my first actual guitar lessons was (in my mind) a big step. One year on and my playing is invigorated, and my technique is much improved: what I knew or thought I knew, I now know better than I did; I practice more effectively, and my musical knowledge has been expanded. I couldn't have done this without face-to-face lessons and only wish I had put my ego to one side sooner. Anthony is a great teacher who makes learning fun and more importantly is an all-round good guy. Highly recommended!"


"it was important for me to work with a tutor who would listen to what I wanted to achieve and help me get there. Anthony does that. I have only been taking lessons from Anthony for a relatively short period. Still, even in that short time frame, I am developing a real sense of improvement and understanding in my playing, which I don't think would have been possible without Anthony's guidance and help. Having previously had lessons in the home in my younger days, I was initially a little apprehensive about lessons online. However, there was no need for apprehension. Anthony is a top bloke, very approachable and easy-going. Not to mention a fantastic guitarist. Thoroughly recommended."


"Before I started tuition with Anthony George I was trying to learn from various internet-based sites of which there are hundreds to choose from, however good they may appear there is always the question "am I doing this right" An internet-based site cannot correct bad habits forming or tell you where you're going wrong and more to the point tell you how to put it right. Anthony George is a professional guitarist whose teaching methods are second to none, his style of teaching is one that anyone of any age can relate to (I'm 65). I would definitely recommend Anthony George to you without hesitation. If you want to be the best you can be then I suggest you learn from the best."


A Cutting-Edge Guitar Experience


Online Lessons with Anthony George offer you a unique experience to be able to learn from a highly-skilled guitarist and teacher from the comfort of your own home, from wherever you are in the world. By taking lessons from Anthony, you will experience music college-style learning at a fraction of the time and cost that such an experience brings. Whether you chose Anthony's Rock, Blues or Jazz-Fusion program, or even elements from each, you will study a course that is a creative, inspiring resource, offering expert and progressive guitar tuition delivered in a friendly and casual manner, from the comfort of your own home! 

Free Consultation


If you've read this far and you think online lessons with Anthony could be for you, book your free online consultation with Anthony Now! In your consultation, you will be able to discuss with Anthony your goals as a musician, your current status as a player, and how Anthony will get you to where you want to be. You will be able to discuss lesson scheduling, pricing, and ask any questions you may have before starting lessons. It's always good for student and teacher to build a rapport before lessons start. Anthony understands this and wants to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Hit the button below to contact Anthony directly about lessons. 

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