Schools & Colleges

Lessons in Schools & Colleges

I am a very experienced teacher at all ages in schools and colleges and can deliver group or individual lessons.

From Year 3 beginners all the way through A Level and BTEC students, I have taught, and continue to teach, at all these levels.

I have written programmes for beginners, intermediate students and advanced programmes for all elements of playing, whether that is lead guitar technique, rhythm guitar, stylistic studies etc.

I have a 100% pass rate with all of my students, who have taken grades, and I use Rock School, RGT and Trinity Guildhall syllabuses, so all styles of playing are catered for.

My GCSE and A Level students always achieve very good grades in their performance pieces and many of my students have gone on to higher education, whether that be at university or specific music colleges such as BIMM, ICMP and Tech Music Schools.

In schools and colleges I am also able to offer workshops, clinics and after school clubs. I run Rock and Pop Clubs, which allow students to be able to play with their fellow musicians at school and also gives them the opportunity to perform at school concerts and also represent the school at events such as Battle of the Bands.

Many of my students have had the opportunity of playing venues such as The Stables in Milton Keynes and The Roadmender in Northampton, which is a phenomenal experience for them.

I can also offer workshop, and guitar clinics for students, which showcase many styles of guitar playing and show to aspiring professional musicians what is required in terms of ability for a pro musician and also I give students the opportunity to ask me questions on any subject. So if they wish a particular technique to be demonstrated or they want to know something about my industry experience, they are welcome to ask and hopefully find the answers they require.