Lessons for teenagers

At teenage level there are a couple of categories of students. At this age group, you may be a complete beginner, or you may have had lessons elsewhere and decided you want a different teacher.

You may also have been teaching yourself for a few years and have decided that you want to take the guitar a little more seriously and that now is the time for you to have lessons.

I am well versed in dealing with all of these situations and know instinctively how to tailor my lessons to the individual. Usually teenagers will want to be playing their favourite music styles on the guitar, whether its just for fun, for a band they are in or because they are doing GCSE or A Level music, and wish to go to university and one day make it as a professional musician.

This is perfectly acceptable, as being true to your musical roots is an essential part of your identity as a musician. As a teacher, I have kept myself up to date with all forms of music, so whatever style it is you should wish to be playing and whatever your particular needs are as a guitarist, I can help.

I have extensive experience of teaching students from acoustic and electric backgrounds, and have helped many teenagers achieve their musical goals. Every student is different, and I am more than capable of dealing with all possible situations. Whether that is preparing you for graded exams, sorting out your guitar solo for your band's next gig, or helping you audition for that place on that amazing course, I can help you achieve your musical dreams.