Cutting Edge Guitar Scales

The Complete Guide To Modern Guitar Scales

 Are you fed up with playing the same safe and comfortable licks? 

Are you bogged down in a pentatonic quagmire?

Cutting Edge Guitar Scales is the tutorial that will break you out of this horrible harmonic rut. Way more in-depth than the standard guitar scale dictionary, this tutorial explains the theory and harmony behind exciting and tasty sounds, and most importantly, shows you how to apply them. This massive tutorial contains the theory and explanation behind 86 modern guitar scales!

How does Cutting Edge Guitar Scales deliver this insight?

High-Quality Scale Charts 

Most other guitar scale tutorials show you the fingerings for a few essential scales, then gives you a host of formulas for exotic tonalities, leaving it up to you to find fingerings, wondering how you might use them. Cutting Edge Guitar Scales goes way beyond this, showing you full fretboard fingerings for all 86 included scales using a combination of CAGED fingerings, three notes per string fingerings and complete fretboard diagrams. 

HD Video Lesson 

Cutting Edge Guitar Scales includes a 42 minute HD video lesson that explains the theory behind scales, and three essential ways for practising all scales on the guitar. Here are the three concepts at a glance: 

  • Linear concepts, played along the length of a string
  • Positional concepts
  • Consolidation concepts, where you combine the previous two elements to open up the whole fretboard.  

High-Quality PDF E-booklet

The HD video lesson is supported by a high-quality PDF tutorial that contains relevant theory for all of the included scales with detailed descriptions of each. The Booklet consists of diagrams, comprehensive text and notation in both tablature and stave format so you can practice the scale exercises outlined in the video. 

Guitar Pro and PDF files

Included guitar pro and PDF files of the exercises will suit any musicians learning. Print the PDF's and view them on your music stand, or view them on your tablet/PC/laptop. If you have Guitar Pro software, utilise some of its powerful practice tools like the loop function and speed trainer with these detailed files. 

Essential Families Of Scales Covered

This massive tutorial covers an outrageous amount of modern guitar scales, a total of 86! all organised into ten convenient families, such as:

  • modes of the major scale
  • modes of melodic minor
  • modes of harmonic minor
  • modes of harmonic major
  • modes of double harmonic
  • exotic and synthetic scales
  • symmetrical scales
  • pentatonic scales
  • hexatonic scales
  • bebop scales

Free Drone Track

Drone tracks are the perfect vehicle for practicing multiple scales in one tonal centre. When you purchase this tutorial you get a drone track included free so you can practice your scales in a musical context.

You'll never be stuck for soloing options again!

With this incredibly powerful tutorial, you will find that your problem of playing safe and comfortable licks has been completely done away with. Cutting Edge Guitar Scales gives you a vast array of soloing options that will keep your melodic playing fresh and inspired for years to come. 

You get all this for less than the price of a one-hour lesson! Buy this tutorial now, and finally break through your musical barriers.  

Cutting Edge Guitar Scales


42 minute Full HD 1080p Video lesson

35 page PDF E-booklet for theory and explanation

PDF scale charts for 86 modern scales

Backing Track for practising the scales

PDF and Guitar Pro files of exercises

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