Cutting Edge Legato

Cutting Edge Legato is a three-part miniseries that shows you how to effectively develop a command of this vital guitar playing skill. Legato playing is an essential technique in modern rock and fusion guitar, and many players find that they struggle to find a structured approach to building fluency with this style. Cutting Edge Legato defeats this obstacle by delivering you three stages of work that build progressively. 

Part 1 - Scale fragments

This first lesson of this three-part series on building a reliable legato technique focuses on scale fragments and cyclic patterns. This is an important concept to get down so you have a solid foundation to build upon. 

Part 2 - Full scale approach

In the second part of this lesson, we take the scale fragments through scale positions and along the length of strings so we can begin to open up the fretboard. 

Part 3 - Combination playing

Part three of this tutorial shows you how to combine scale fragments, linear concepts and positional concepts so you can use the technique on larger areas of the fretboard, creating long, flowing runs. 

The tutorial contains a 33-page E-booklet that shows all the exercises, with a detailed explanation. The booklet also contains scale diagrams, and handy hints and tips on how to expand the examples contained within. Alongside the E-book, there are included guitar pro, pdf and audio files to support your learning.


This tutorial also contains all three of the supporting youtube lessons as mp4 downloads so you can watch them offline. 

Digital Download


High Quality PDF E booklet

PDF of examples

PDF scale charts

Guitar Pro files

Audio Mp3 played at two speeds

Three Supporting video tutorials totalling 55 minutes.

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