High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 3

The Ultimate Guide To Virtuoso Guitar Playing


High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 3 is the final instalment in this essential guitar technique course. Subtitled Virtuoso Techniques, High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 3 takes your playing from pro-level, covered in book 2 of the series into the stratospheric heights of world-class virtuoso playing.

In this superb guide highly experienced professional guitarist and teacher Anthony George demystifies the confusion surrounding the four main technical areas of lead guitar, which are legato, alternate picking, sweep picking and tapping.

Taking influence from the methods of the greatest guitarists that have ever lived, Anthony George has compiled a wealth of technical knowledge in this guitar technique tour de force that will launch your guitar playing to a level you never thought possible.

 Subjects studied include:


  • Full roll Legato, for ultra-smooth playing.
  • Alternate Picking through entire scale shapes, across the whole neck.
  • Sweeping combined with other techniques to create monster licks.
  • Multi-string arpeggio Tapping for mind-blowing phrases.
  • Connecting sweep arpeggios along the neck for outrageous arpeggio lines.
  • String Skipping, for wide interval head-turning runs.
  • Vast stretch and four notes per string hammer-ons and pull-offs, the pinnacle of modern Legato guitar playing.
  • Economy Picking three notes per string, allowing you to blaze through scales.
  • Connecting large portions of the neck to create fret-melting runs with every technique.
  • Odd note groupings that produce stunning hyper-speed results.
  • Multi-finger Tapping ideas for truly impressive licks.

 Detailed Explanation


  • Can't find the answers to your questions on the internet?
  • Are you wondering just how the virtuosos play so fast?
  • Does it seem like a complete mystery as to how these great players can light up the neck and use every fret with ease and fluidity?

One of the main issues with other instructional products is that the learner is left with so many questions after being shown an exercise. High Intensity Guitar Technique 3 solves this issue by explaining each task in phenomenal detail, so that the reader feels like Anthony is sitting in the room with them, giving them one to one tuition.

How Does High Intensity Guitar Technique Tackle Guitar Playing Issues?


  • Each of the four main areas of guitar technique covered in four stages of difficulty, so your learning is progressive, consistently achieving results.
  • Hints, tips and tricks that unravel guitar mysteries.
  • Over 245 examples delivered in a combination of guitar tablature, standard notation, and fretboard diagrams to support every learner's needs.
  • FREE downloadable audio of every example so you can hear how it should sound.

Bonus Material


Other guitar books stop at showing you a host of examples, leaving you clueless as to how to continue to develop your playing after you've completed them. High Intensity Guitar Technique 3 eliminates this issue by giving you these bonus materials.

  1. Consolidation Routines – Once you've been through all of the examples in the book, the final chapter shows you how to consolidate this wealth of material into some convenient practice and maintenance routines.
  2. Etudes – Practicing exercises is a great way to build and maintain technique, but playing a piece is exciting and covers much ground in a smaller amount of time. High Intensity Guitar Technique 3 comes with etudes for practising the four main technical areas, all with included full mix audio and backing tracks.


Deluxe Digital Version


The deluxe digital version adds even more extras such as:

  • PDF files of every exercise in the book. 
  • Full PDF transcriptions of the included etudes. 
  • Guitar Pro files of all exercises and etudes. 

Want these extras with your print version? No problem! The print version has an optional upgrade so you can get these extras. 

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