High Intensity Guitar Technique Complete

The Ultimate Guide To Modern Guitar Technique


Are you in awe of the worlds best guitarists wondering just how do they do it?


Are you dreaming of being able to play mind-blowing guitar but just don’t know where to start?


The High Intensity Guitar Technique series is the ultimate guide for guitarists that want to expand their technical ability. In this complete volume, you get all three books from this indispensable course that will take you from the foundations of proper technique to the stratospheric heights of virtuoso playing.

You save 20% on the price of the individual books when you buy all three in this edition.

Here’s what’s in this encyclopedia of modern guitar technique


  • 450 pages of technical guitar mastery that focuses on the main areas of contemporary playing, including Legato, Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Economy picking, string bending and vibrato.
  • 489 notated examples, written in a combination of guitar tab and standard notation, all accompanied by a detailed explanation and downloadable mp3 files so you can hear exactly how to perform each one.
  • Supporting video tutorials that show you exactly how to perform concepts the right way.
  • Fretboard diagrams, licks, backing tracks and etudes that expand upon the notated examples to keep you learning, practising and improving for years.
  • Detailed practice programs to suit every schedule for every type of learner, with essential advice on how to build speed, fluidity and maintain your technique.

With 450 jam-packed pages full of top quality resources, this indispensable course is the most comprehensive guitar technique book ever written. It might just be the only one you will ever need.

High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 1 – teaches you the foundations of proper guitar technique. You will learn how to correctly perform hammer-ons, pull-offs, mute unwanted string noise and bend strings accurately for a pure tone. You will learn the differences between alternate and sweep picking, understand the correct way to use tapping and learn the fundamental scales and arpeggios for implementing these ideas in different keys.

High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 - takes your playing to a professional level, improving your technique with advanced pentatonic and modal playing,  and superior string crossing and picking mechanics. You’ll learn how to use tapping to extend the legato technique, neo-classical style sweeping and more. Book 2 contains licks and backing tracks that will allow you to implement your pro-level of skill.

High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 3 - takes your playing up to virtuoso level. You will learn how players like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Allan Holdsworth and hordes of others have taken guitar technique to the extreme. You’ll learn the most impressive ideas for the four main areas of guitar technique in four stages, so your learning is progressive and continually gets results. The four included etudes at the end of the book will keep your playing skills honed to an extremely high level.


Deluxe Digital Version


In addition to the incredible features of the print book, the digital version also offers:

  • PDF files of all the exercises in all three books. 
  • PDF transcriptions of the included etudes.
  • Guitar Pro files of all the exercises and etudes in all three books. 

Want these extras with your print version? No problem! Print versions all have optional upgrades for digital extras. 

These three books combine to make the ultimate guitar technique course, buy now to save 20% on the price of the individual books and take your playing to the next level.


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