My videos and audio clips




My version of the track Sevens by Guthrie Govan


The Crush Of Love

My cover of rock legend Joe Satriani's awesome tune…


The Crying Machine

My version of rock virtuoso Steve Vai's fantastic track...




My version of Chick Corea's Spain


MJ Funk

Funk guitar in the style of Michael Jackson


Naughty Business

Cover of a Frank Gambale fusion track.



Morning Star Etude

My version of Vinnie Moore's classic tune arranged as a picking etude.  


Satch And Vai Style Jam

Improvised solo in the styles of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.


Get You Back

My version of Shawn Lane's Get You Back




My version of Altitudes by Jason Becker…


Curse Of The Castle Dragon

My version of Paul Gilbert's track…


Tom Quayle Style Fusion Jam

Improvisation over a Tom Quayle funk fusion backing track…



Blue Bossa

My fusion guitar Duo Elektrik Jazz…


Tightrope solo

Solo from Stevie Ray Vaughan's song Tightrope


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

My version is inspired by a few guitarists…