My approach to learning




Cutting Edge Guitar is my full-time professional guitar and contemporary music tuition company. I created Cutting Edge Guitar to allow people to benefit from my unique approach to learning to play this fantastic instrument.

My approach to learning the guitar, is mainly that it should be fun and rewarding, and that the student should always get what they want and require.

Whether you are 50 years old and have just spent £4,000 on that dream guitar you've always wanted, or you are seven years old and have your first little acoustic, it is my firm belief that you should be getting the maximum amount of pleasure from your chosen instrument. While at the same time, understanding what it is that you, as an individual, require.

Whether that is the tools to be able to play the latest sweep picking lick that everyone wants to know, or you want to strum the chords to Sweet Home Alabama, whatever you want, you should have it.

With me, I include all lesson types into my syllabus. I teach all kinds of students, from complete beginners at the earliest age, to GCSE and A-Level music pupils, to professional standard players looking to hone a particular technique. Even if you are just a humble bedroom guitarist, looking for pleasure from a fantastic hobby, I can deliver any lesson you may require. Outside of my one to one lessons, I also offer group tuition to experienced players with The Advanced Guitar Academy. Click on the tabs below to find out more about my different lesson types. 



Lessons for children

When a child takes their first steps with the guitar, it is of the utmost importance that they are inspired to keep playing…


Lessons for teenagers

At teenage level there are a couple of categories of students. At this age group, you may be a complete beginner…


Lessons for adults

As an adult coming in for a guitar lesson, you are probably in one of several camps…

Schools & Colleges

Lessons in Schools & Colleges

I am a very experienced teacher at all ages in schools and colleges and can deliver group or individual lessons…