Cutting Edge Guitar Precision Picks

The plectrum is one of the most vital pieces of gear in your rig. Choosing a pick that suits your needs is a big decision, and over the past few years, I have been on the hunt for what I believe to be the best picks for my students and me. I am delighted to say that after much trial and error, I can now present to you the Cutting Edge Guitar Precision Pick.

What's so good about precision picks?

  • Thickness, size and shape - Most picks are either too flimsy, are too small or do not provide enough grip area. My Precision picks are 1mm thick, so they are stiff yet have just enough flex to make extreme picking styles like fast alternate picking or economy picking a breeze. The picks have a rounded rear end like a standard 351 pick but chamfer to an extremely sharp tip which makes them extremely accurate and easy to play with, hence they are called precision picks. They are also more substantial than a Jazz iii XL pick, which I have found is a real bonus. Larger picks mean less chance of missing that next important note, and subsequently cleaner playing. 
  • Comfort and grip - Due to the rounded rear end, there is lots of grip area, which means the picks are helpful to hold no matter what grip style you prefer. The Matt texture means precision picks will not slip out of your hand, even when sweaty. 
  • Speed - Precision picks chamfer to an extremely sharp point, which allows you to play incredibly fast if that's your thing. They also help facilitate the complicated process of learning how to pick correctly due to the way the sharp tip flows across the strings
  • Accuracy - The pointed tip, coupled with the larger grip area makes precision picks some of the most accurate picks you will ever use, even when playing complicated string skipped passages. This is as useful for beginners as it is seasoned pro's.
  • Material and durability - Precision picks are made from Duralin, the same material as Acetyl, Delrin, Tortex or Delrex. All the top guitar pick manufacturers use this material because of its incredible combination of stiffness, low friction and immense durability. 
  • Dynamics and tone - The stiff nature of precision picks mean all dynamics are effortless. You can play loud or soft with total ease with these picks, and in terms of tone, Delrin was initially used as the best plastic to replicate the sound of fabled tortoiseshell picks. The combination of Delrin material and the sharp tip of precision picks mean you get a bright, snappy attack which you can hear in the playing of guitarists like Paul Gilbert and Frank Gambale; Two of the best pickers of all time. 
  • Versatility - Precision picks are incredibly versatile. Due to the shape, material and thickness, you can play every style with a precision pick. Go from strumming along to an open chord acoustic song to playing some cool blues lead, some funky rhythm guitar or wailing rock soloing, these picks cover it all. 
  • Pick them up at your next lesson - With Cutting Edge Guitar Precision picks, there is no need for online ordering or the hassle of having to pop to the local music store. All you have to do is let me know you want some and I can either bring them into the school you are studying at, or you can pick them up at the studio when you have your next lesson. 

What do they cost?

Precision picks represent outstanding value for money. I sell them in packs of five at £5 per pack. The durability of precision picks dependent on how much you play, and how aggressive your playing style is, but with that said, most players should get a lot of mileage out of these five picks. I've personally used one pick for all of my teachings and playing for a few weeks solid, and it gave me no problems, so unless you're playing for ten hours a day, they should last you well. 

Who are they for?

All of my students would benefit from using precision picks. My youngest students (aged 7 - 10) find the picking technique extremely hard to learn, and most of the time, they have a reasonably useless plectrum that doesn't aid them in their learning. My picks are the perfect precision tool to help them with this challenging skill. Alongside this, any player of any age or ability that wants a piece of gear that will help them play better should get some. Considering how expensive guitars, amps and pedals all are, buying some picks that may help improve your playing seems like a pretty fair investment. 

Ready to take your picking to the next level?

If you want to grab a set of these brilliant picks, all you have to do is ask. The button below will take you to a contact form, and all you have to do is ask me for a set, drop me your details, and I'll do the rest. Order Precision Picks