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The High Intensity Guitar Technique series is the ultimate instructional series for guitarists that want to master the technical aspects of playing. After teaching the guitar for 15 years privately and in academic institutions, I discovered that there are some particular problems in technical development that hold guitarists back. I wrote the High Intensity Guitar Technique series to provide the answers to these problems. The first book in the series takes care of the foundations of proper guitar technique. The second instalment further enhances your playing to a professional level. 

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What You Will Learn In High Intensity Guitar Technique 


  • Finger Independence exercises - For warming up and general ‘fitness’ on the instrument. Being able to use all four fingers independently is an essential skill for all guitarists.
  • Legato Techniques - Which focus on playing smooth licks with fretting hand hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Alternate Picking - How to correctly use the pick most efficiently.
  • Sweep picking - A different approach to using the pick for fast arpeggio based phrases.
  • Tapping - An ultra-smooth extension of legato phrases.
  • String Bending and vibrato - Expressive techniques that make the guitar come alive.
  • Essential Fretboard Knowledge - The most critical scales and arpeggios that allow you to perform the techniques all over the guitar neck.
High Intensity Guitar Technique 1 is designed to equip guitar players with the fundamental skills they need to play all modern music. High Intensity Guitar Technique 2 takes your playing from this intermediate stage on to pro-level by teaching you:
  • Advanced pentatonic and modal Legato techniques.
  • Advanced string crossing and picking mechanics to enhance the Alternate Picking technique.
  • Scale sequencing.
  • Neo-Classical and Fusion style triads executed with Sweep Picking.
  • The use of Tapping to extend the Legato technique.
  • Adding a professional sheen to your tone with advanced String Bending and Vibrato exercises.
  • A comprehensive approach to developing speed.
  • Licks and musical phrases so you can implement the techniques learned.
  • Enhanced fretboard knowledge concepts, including advanced scale fingerings notated in fretboard diagrams for transposing the exercises to other critical areas of the guitar neck.

Hundreds Of Notated Examples

By purchasing both copies of High Intensity Guitar Technique, you will have two expertly written guides that contain thousands of words of descriptive and engaging text explaining how to perform over 230 musical examples. These fantastic books will stretch your playing in ways you never thought possible. The musical examples are all fully notated in a combination of standard notation, tablature and scale diagrams to support all methods of learning. 


Downloadable Audio and Supporting Video Tutorials

The complex nature of musical instruments makes playing them a difficult skill to learn. However, High Intensity Guitar Technique eases the pain and confusion surrounding these problematic tasks by including descriptive, engaging and informative text that embellishes the notated examples. In addition to this, all of the exercises can be downloaded for free as MP3 files or listened to online, so you can hear exactly how each sample should sound. Sixteen supporting video tutorials explain particularly tricky skills. Additionally, there are backing tracks in varying styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal and Fusion so that you can practice the techniques in a musical context. 


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