Cutting Edge Guitar teams up with LA Vocals

Recently i had the pleasure of working with the tremendously talented vocal coach Lavinia from LA Vocals who is also based at the Big noise studios in Northampton. For my website i wanted to do a video shoot that would showcase a wide variety of my playing skills, and one element i wanted to show was some acoustic playing whilst accompanying a solo voice.

I met Lavinia in the studio and was immediately impressed by her passion for her art and also for her dedication to her work, as a coach and as a professional singer. On the strength of my first impressions i had decided that i would quite like to work with her and so organised a meeting where i could hear her sing.

One Saturday afternoon i had the pleasure of sitting and listening to her sing me a few tunes which were close to her heart, and was absolutely blown away by her vocal range and by her amazing talent. Immediately i decided that she would be the perfect person for me to have in my own video gallery to showcase my accompaniment skills.

In the months that followed we had a few rehearsals where we could arrange the songs and work on our timing and make our act nice and tight. i have to say i was completely blown away by her consistency and hard working approach. She would nail the tunes time and again with no pause or hesitation and proved herself to be a top professional.

After the shoot and having spent a bit more time with her in the studio i came to find that she is not only an amazing singer, but also an extremely good tutor. She has spent many hours learning all about the ins and outs of being a vocalist, learning all about the technical side of every style of singing and also learning all about the body, and how you can most effectively use your body in order to be the best vocalist possible. She has such an in depth knowledge of breath techniques that she has even helped me with my fitness for some endurance events i have recently done!

Since meeting Lavinia she has helped me to improve my profile as a tutor and has also helped me with some live work for the Elektrik Jazz duo i play in. Shes quite literally one of the finest musical products ever to come out of Northampton in my opinion and im honored to have had such a good time in working with her. we worked so well together that we are hoping to put some more sets together in order to get an acoustic live act going, and also there is a potential band on the horizon! exciting times!.

To take a listen to the session we did at Big noise have a look at the videos here, and find out more about Lavinia and her company La vocals at her website on her Facebook page and follow her on twitter @laviniavoice.