Perfect practice amplifier

Finding the perfect amplifier is just as important as finding the perfect guitar. However this is a much overlooked element by many guitarists. We all want to spend the most amount of money on the axe, the bit that we actually touch, and to a degree that is understandable, but the amp is the thing that will allow your guitars voice to be carried to your audience, so its of the utmost importance that you get one that sounds great. 

Not only is it really important to have a good amp for your live rig but its also really important that you have a great sounding practice amp too, as it will inspire you to practice and get better at playing if it sounds good. the trouble with this on the whole is that not many little practice amps do sound that great. Over the years ive used all sorts of practice amps, but i do believe now i have found the perfect amps for practicing and teaching in the Blackstar ID core series. All of my students know i am a huge fan of Blackstar, and my Ht 60 is an essential part of my live rig. However i now currently have the Cutting edge Guitar studio kitted out with ID series amps. Im using an ID 60 for teaching and recording in my studio at the moment and i absolutely love it. For my students i have the ID core 40 series which sound awesome, but for me the best in terms of price and home user friendliness, couple with sound has to be the ID 20 which i am using for carrying around schools at the moment and also for playing at home.

The amps are versatile and packed full of great tone, they also have a great mp3 line in for practicing along with tracks, and with the free insider technology have an awesome bit of kit for slowing down tracks which normally costs a few quid anywhere else. plus with insider you get to use all of the patches that have been uploaded, and a handy tuner and metronome. Essentially with these amps and a laptop you could never get bored. I completely recommend them for any practicing guitar player and also for other guitar teachers out there, they cover all the bits that we need too. Well done Blackstar on creating yet more amazing products. check out the Blackstar webpage for more info, or contact me directly if you want to know more on how im using them and where to get hold of them if your based in Northampton.