Perfect practicing environment

The perfect environment for practicing your Guitar


One thing guitar players don't tend to consider before they start practicing is the environment in which they are going to do so. This is a really important element to your practice routine though, as if you are uncomfortable, or don't have the right equipment for your session, you will get fed up and and want to stop. Which will mean you wont achieve your goals.

Down below is a list of the important things you should consider about your practice environment.

  1. SPACE- The first thing you should consider is the amount of room, and where you are going to practice. Is there room for you to move with your guitar on you? are you practicing at home? if so, is your bedroom sufficient, or do you have an office or study? as long as its spacious enough then any room is fine, but you must have room to play.

  2. GEAR- Does your practice room have all of the gear you need? books, internet, laptops, ipads, sound systems, your amp, your guitars, printers, music stands etc etc. Anything you can think of that you will need when you are practicing must all be in this place, and must always be able to be kept there. if you have to set up and pack down after every session your going to find it a chore. also if you have to stop mid session to go and get some blank tab or manuscript etc, your going to keep stopping all the time. Have all of your essential gear in this one specific place.

  3. OTHER PEOPLE- You have to consider others when practicing, especially if you are practicing from home. Will you be upsetting other residents where you live?, will you be upsetting neighbours? of course you and your session are the most important thing but you need to be wary of others, as their complaints will interrupt you and cause you problems, so just watch your noise pollution in order to keep everybody happy and your routine uninterrupted.

  4. COMFORT- Is your practice space comfortable? do you have comfy chairs, is it warm in the winter and cool enough in the summer? considering your comfort while you practice is also very important. You will never manage to practice your guitar 6 hours a day if your not comfortable. Something to consider here is that you must have a good chair, without arms on it in order for you to play. Something i also learned as a teenager trying to learn to play is that a music stand is essential if you are using books or music sheets of any sort, because otherwise your going to be getting in all sorts of uncomfortable positions of trying to learn from your resource. Also you must make sure you are using a good posture for playing, otherwise your going to be picking up some nasty injuries.

If your practice area fulfills all of the criteria presented here, you've probably got a pretty good environment to be playing in, so go grab your guitar and get practicing!