High Intensity Guitar Technique1

Have you been dreaming of that mind-blowing solo but don’t know where to start?


Do you have a guitar idol you want to play like, but your fingers can’t keep up?

 The High Intensity Guitar Technique series is the ultimate guide for guitarists wishing to expand their technical ability. The series aims to give a guitar player that feels bogged down, the skills they to be able to play any riff, run, solo or lick they should wish to, from any genre of music. This first book in the series takes an in-depth look at how to perform the basic principles that make up all modern guitar playing.

You will learn how to perform correctly:


  • Finger Independence exercises - For warming up and general ‘fitness’ on the instrument.
  •  Legato Techniques - Which focus on playing smooth licks with fretting hand hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Alternate Picking - How to correctly use the pick most efficiently.
  • Sweep picking - A different approach to using the pick for fast arpeggio based phrases.
  • Tapping - An ultra-smooth extension of legato phrases.
  • String Bending and vibrato - Expressive techniques that really make the guitar come alive.
  • Essential Fretboard Knowledge - The most critical scales and arpeggios that allow you to perform the techniques all over the guitar neck.

Supporting Audio and Video Tutorials

High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 1 also comes with a free audio download so that learners can hear exactly how to perform every example in the book. There are also sixteen video tutorials to support examples where learners need to see exactly what has to be done. With this powerful combination of expert tuition, featured in an easily digestible manner, you will begin your journey towards technical excellence on the guitar.

Are you ready to take the first step to guitar playing excellence? 

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Want More?

 If you feel like you've got the basics down and are looking to push your technique further, you need to check out High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2.