High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 1

Master The Foundations Of Proper Guitar Technique


Have you been dreaming of that mind-blowing solo but don’t know where to start?

Do you have a guitar idol you want to play like, but your fingers just can’t keep up?

The High Intensity Guitar Technique series is the ultimate guide for guitarists wishing to expand their technical ability. The series aims to give a guitar player that feels bogged down, the skills they need to be able to play any riff, run, solo or lick they should wish to, from any genre of music. This first book in the series takes an in-depth look at how to perform the basic principles that make up all modern guitar playing.

You will learn how to perform correctly:


  • Finger Independence exercises - For warming up and general ‘fitness’ on the instrument.
  • Hammer-ons and Pull-offs – These techniques are one of the most crucial elements in blues and rock lead guitar. You will learn how to execute these techniques the right way, eliminating any issues you might have with this essential skill. Getting this fundamental skill right at the foundation level allows you to form the basis for a reliable Legato technique.
  • Alternate Picking – You will learn how to correctly use the pick for modern rock and blues guitar playing, and make use of the internal metronome.
  • Sweep picking - A different approach to using the pick for fast arpeggio based phrases; this is the most economically efficient way to use the plectrum.
  • Tapping - An ultra-smooth extension of legato phrases. You will learn how to use tapping with an efficient method that allows you to keep hold of your pick so you can mix it in with conventional playing methods.
  • Muting – You will learn how to execute all of these techniques while keeping your guitar tone in check. Eliminating unwanted string noise is a vital foundation that improves all elements of your guitar playing.
  • String Bending and vibrato – These expressive techniques make the guitar come alive. You will learn how to make your guitar sing, while consistently hitting the correct pitch with your bending and controlling your vibrato for the sweetest tone.
  • Essential Fretboard Knowledge – Accurately notated in a combination of fretboard diagrams, notation and tablature, you will learn the most critical scales and arpeggios that allow you to perform the techniques all over the guitar neck.

When you buy the print book you get


  • High quality paperback print copy of High Intensity Guitar Technique Book one
  • Access to Mp3 audio files on Anthony George's website, which can be listened to or downloaded from there for free. 
  • Access to sixteen supporting video tutorials, which can be viewed or downloaded from Anthony's website.
  • Optional upgrade to download digital extras. 

Here’s what’s included in the deluxe digital package


  • The complete eBook version of High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 1.
  • All 131 examples from the book recorded as studio-quality Mp3 audio files, available to be downloaded or listened to on Anthony George’s Website.
  • Sixteen supporting video tutorials that support techniques you need to see how to execute. All Hosted on Anthony's website with option for free download.
  • Guitar Pro files of all 131 examples in the book.
  • All 131 examples accurately notated and tabbed in high-quality PDF files.

High Intensity Guitar Technique 1 answers many of the how-to questions guitar teachers are asked when a student is stepping into the uncertain world of lead playing. If you are looking for a concise, expertly written document that contains all of the answers to the fundamental problems of lead guitar technique, then that answer is here. Each exercise is described in phenomenal detail by a highly experienced professional guitarist and teacher and is accurately notated in tab and notation. With the supporting audio, video, guitar pro files and PDF’s, High Intensity Guitar Technique 1 will help you improve quicker than you thought possible.

Ready to start your path towards lead guitar playing excellence?

Buy High Intensity Guitar Technique book 1 today, and perfect the foundations of techniques used by your idols.

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