High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2

Boost Your Playing From Intermediate To Pro


Have you got the basics down but want more? 


Do you wish you could nail those world-class riffs, licks and solos? 


Take your technique from intermediate to pro with High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2!!


The High Intensity Guitar Technique series is the ultimate guide for guitarists wishing to expand their technical ability. The series aims to give a guitar player that feels bogged down, the skills they need to be able to play any riff, run, solo or lick they should wish to, from any genre of music. This second book in the series continues your development from the basic principles covered in the first instalment, taking your playing from an intermediate to a professional level of skill. 

In book two, we will expand upon the techniques learned so far by covering:


  • Advanced pentatonic and modal Legato techniques.
  • Advanced string crossing and picking mechanics to enhance the Alternate Picking technique.
  • Scale sequencing.
  • Neo-Classical and Fusion style triads executed with Sweep Picking.
  • The use of Tapping to extend the Legato technique.
  • Adding a professional sheen to your tone with advanced String Bending and Vibrato exercises.
  • A comprehensive approach to developing speed.
  • Licks and musical phrases so you can implement the techniques learned.
  • Enhanced fretboard knowledge concepts, including advanced scale fingerings notated in fretboard diagrams for transposing the exercises to other critical areas of the guitar neck.

High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 contains well over 100 exercises, notated in both standard music notation and tablature, of which the author explains how to practice them in different keys, scales and arpeggios to keep you practising and improving for hours.

Bonus Material


  • High Intensity Guitar Technique Book 2 also includes backing tracks in genres as varying as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Fusion and Metal, so that you can employ the techniques you have learned in a musical context.
  • Every example in the book has been recorded so that you can hear exactly how the exercises should sound and are available to download to support your learning.
  • Deluxe digital download includes all of the examples accurately notated in Tab and notation as additional high-quality PDF so they can be studied away from the book.
  •  Digital version includes guitar pro play along files so you can study with guitar pros inbuilt speed trainer. 
  • Option to upgrade your print copy to get the bonus downloads.  

High Intensity Guitar Technique 2 is loaded with information from a guitar expert and is full of answers to your technical issues. Written by a highly experienced guitarist, musician and teacher, with High Intensity Guitar Technique 2, you feel that an expert tutor is with you on every step of your journey. Crafted in the same easily digestible manner as the first book in the series, with book two you will continue on your path towards technical excellence on the guitar.

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