What makes the advancing guitarists courses so good? Volume 3

The Advancing Guitarists Online Courses - Volume 3

The Advancing Guitarists Online Courses are an exciting new way to study the guitar, presented to you by Anthony George of Cutting Edge Guitar. The course is broken down into three volumes of learning that will keep you engaged, progressing, and enjoying your guitar playing. Each volume has been specifically designed to equip you with the course's core concepts in a logical, methodical manner. Let's take a look at exactly what you will learn in volume 3.

Volume 3 – Module 1 - Advanced Concepts 

Volume three of the course pushes your playing into the most advanced territories of rhythm and solo playing for modern fusion guitar concepts. In this volume, we will be looking at advanced blues, jazz and rock styles and how to combine them to become a complete, modern contemporary guitar player. Here's the overview for module 1.

  • Advanced blues soloing pt 1 - Hitting the changes with 7th arpeggios, show shapes, licks and example solo.
  • Advanced blues pt 2 - Hitting the changes with pentatonics, including dominant pentatonic. Show shapes, licks and example solo.
  • Advanced blues pt 3 -Using Mixolydian and Lydian dominant. Show shapes, licks and example solo.
  • Advanced blues pt 4 - Altered and diminished scale in the blues. Show shapes, licks and example solo.
  • Extended chord voicing 9ths
  • Extended chords 11ths
  • Extended chords 13ths
  • Extended chord study 1
  • Extended chord study 2
  • Fusion rhythm and solo study 1
  • Fusion study 2
  • Jazz standard rhythm and solo study 1
  • Jazz standard 2
  • Jazz standard 3
  • Chick Corea Spain – Modern standard study
  • Triad comping - Using a formula to create interesting chords with triads.

Volume 3 – Module 2 – Drop Chords, Voice Leading And Comping

Module two of volume 3 looks at the drop system for arranging chord voicing. This system gives us lots of different inversions for chords all over the neck, and when combined with the scale pyramid method, provides us with myriad ways for comping and creating interesting harmonic backdrops.

  • Drop 2 chords Maj 7 - All string sets
  • Drop 2 m7
  • Drop 2 dom 7
  • Drop 2 m7b5
  • Drop 2 mmaj7
  • Drop 2 dim 7
  • Drop 2 altered chords pt 1
  • Drop 2 altered chords pt 2
  • Drop 3 voicing
  • Drop 2 and 4 voicing
  • Modal comping - Making use of all drop chord types

As you can see from the course material, there is a wealth of valuable learning material on offer in these in-depth courses. In Essence, by setting up The Advancing Guitarists courses, Anthony is offering you the opportunity to experience something you thought you might have missed out on. His vision for The Advancing Guitarists course is for you to study from a creative, inspiring resource, offering expert structured and progressive guitar tuition delivered in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

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